〈1〉◆ INTRODUCTION “ He who knows but one knows none. ”

                      A truly unique language !! 

Japanese is very unique and mysterious language.

Firstly, has three characters HIRAGANA, KATAKANA and KANJI, and they use them mixing. In addition, writing sometimes vertically at another time horizontally, maybe one of the most complicated language in the world.

Secondly, the direction of Japanese sentence and of the european language are  almost opposite, 
especially spanish language which is latin, is completely opposite except subjects.

Thirdly, the accent is absolutely deferent. In European language they pronounce on the pattern of 
strength and weakness, but in Japanese they pronounce on the pattern of rise and fall just like as 
a music.

                    Not only that.

In Japanese it’s placed always strange particles behind the subject or object of the sentence, besides 
the adjective change to the past and the negative, what is more there are many way to count the things, and they have to change the manner of speaking toward his friend and toward one’s senior, there are many more factors.


                                                “ He who knows but one knows none. ”  

Just said Max Muller who was german philosopher, we would be able to understand Japanese 
language only comparing with another languages especially Europeans.

I have been teaching Japanese more than 15 years in Barcelona, and I have been taught many things 
by our pupils, or I received a lot of questions. “Why ?”“But for what ?” They ask me every thing, 
and each time I thought sweating.  Yes, I did’t know Japanese language even if I am Japanese.

I have been considered many time about what I didn’t know. However it have created many more 
doubt one after another, then I was fully realized the depths of Japanese language. Can you explain 
your mother language logically ?

As it were, this blog was born from that kind of anguish. This is quite a superficial writing, but I hope to useful to the people who want to enjoy the wonder world of Japanese.


                                                                         The one who want to learn Japanese,

                                                         or, The one who want to teach Japanese for foreigners,

Please, have a good time with the quite difference and the wonder of this language. And please 
imagine why begun that difference. I’m sure it would be a short way to understand Japanese history, and to become fluent in this language not only for the foreigners but also for the Japanese peoples to learn foreign language.

                                     So, without much ado, now let’s challenge to Japanese mystery !!

                                                               Looking forward to the next time !

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                                     <2> chap 1  “ What a strange language Japanese is !

                      part 1. Order of the sentence is completely reversed ?


                                     This is published  ⇩


                 See you, soon !!

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